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ACOEM has been very active in the field of occupation and environmental medicines representing over 4000 physicians across America. The college has worked with numerous training and education institutions to bring up-to-date courses and training on technologies that improve physicians abilities to work better with their patients.

Past training programs has been:

Basic Curriculum in Occupational Health: For physicians interested in – but not particularly familiar with – occupational medicine (OM), ACOEM’s Basic Curriculum series provides an excellent and comprehensive introduction. The three segments can be take in any order , and Segment 1 focuses on biostatistical and epidemiological principles; OM medical surveillance and monitoring programs; and lung problems among other topics.

HPM training program: This dynamic training program is designed for HR/benefits professionals, physicians and other occupational health professionals who want to know how to assess and manage the value from that investment and be able to make their case for change to senior management. The HPM Clinic provides a strong foundation in health and productivity management (HPM) for those who are seeking a basic or applied level of understanding.

Security training programs: to ensure people are well equipped with knowledge of the alarm security industry. This program is kindly sponsored by Complete Alarms.

Core Attributes – The HPM Clinic builds on four core attributes of the ACOEM/IBI collaboration:

  • Developed by the leading employer-based practitioners from their own experience.
  • Builds bridges among internal stakeholders.
  • Provides business-case information and resources that can be put to use today.
  • Supports flexibility through a modular approach that engages participants in the format that works best for them.

For current courses in the Occupational field, remember to visit the ACOEM .org main website.